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Speech-Language Therapy 

What is Speech-Language Therapy?

Speech-Language Therapy is a comprehensive approach aimed at the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of communication disorders and swallowing difficulties. This therapy is crucial for individuals who face challenges in speaking, understanding language, or eating and drinking safely. It encompasses a wide range of interventions designed to improve verbal, nonverbal, and social communication skills.

Kids with Capes
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What to Expect?

At Frolic Expressions Therapy House, our dedicated speech-language therapists employ a collaborative and child-centered approach. Initial sessions involve thorough assessments to pinpoint specific communication hurdles. Subsequent therapy is tailored to each child's unique needs, incorporating a mix of engaging and evidence-based techniques. Our methods are diverse, ranging from articulation exercises and phonological awareness activities to interactive language games and narrative skills development, all within a supportive and fun environment. We also focus on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) strategies for children who benefit from these tools, ensuring that every child finds their voice.

How it Helps.

Our Speech-Language Therapy goes beyond improving speech clarity and language comprehension. It empowers children to express their thoughts, needs, and emotions more effectively, enhancing their ability to form meaningful connections with others. Improved communication skills lead to better academic performance, social engagement, and overall self-esteem, allowing children to navigate the world around them with confidence.

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